Posted by: frphilip | 5 July, 2011

Walking in the fields in the company of St. Helen.

The wheat is changing colour, there are grasshoppers singing in the sheep field, goldfinches in the hawthorn and a flight of swans four meters above the ground. In the stream are diving beetles, sticklebacks and flatworms. Nothing much really but pure heaven to me.

Posted by: frphilip | 2 July, 2011

Pilgrimage to Crowland

Off to Crowland to visit St. Guthlac (the “English St Antony”), St. Theodore and the seventy odd martyrs. Picnic and Akathist. How splendid!

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Tisk… Synaxis of the Apostles of the Twelve.

There are those who feel that I dont update my blog , regularly, often – or even at all. Oh well!

The Holy and Glorious Apostles. I bet they’d have blushed at that title at the time yet how fitting it is. Each of their lives and each death by crucifixion, hanging, sword, saw, flaying, spear or faithful and lingering old age can inspire us to overcome our own sins and strive for the Kingdom of God.

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Fr. Deacon Peter was ordained today by Archbishop Gregorios. May God grant him MANY YEARS!

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Reader Peter Sizer is retiring today from many years of faithful service as a reader in the Orthodox Church in Louth. It is a wonderful thing when someone works as a volunteer for many years – week by week – without payment or constraint but because they want to: it is also fairly rare.


Well done Peter! God grant you many years!

Posted by: frphilip | 11 December, 2010

Some time later!

It is ages since I last wrote on this Blog ( but I shall try to write more in future!

Not long to the Feast of the Nativity (Christmas) to go so time to double your efforts in becoming prepared. On Sunday we consider the Forefathers and Foremothers of the Church – those who pointed towards the Incarnation (that is when Jesus became flesh and was born among us). We also look forward to His Second Coming. In the reading this is described as a Great Supper.

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We now have some beautiful banners produced by Natasha Taylor. Tomorrow I shall be making the poles to carry them with.

Praying for Paul Totten and his family as he prepares for Ordination to the Diaconate on Sunday.

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We know now who is coming with the Metropolitan:

Archimandrite Damaskinos and Archimandrite Athanasios. Their photo1-visitors-2008 with that of the Metropolitan is attached.

Posted by: frphilip | 16 November, 2008

Metropolitan JOHN on the way!

Metropolitan JOHNMetropolitan JOHN of Western and Central Europe is coming to the (his!) Parish on the last Saturday and Sunday November 2008.

Saturday 6pm Great Vespers

Sunday 10am Divine Liturgy followed by Bring and share lunch. (It is the Advent Fast so bring Fish and vegetable dishes – no eggs, cheese, milk etc.)